Lenox Butterfly Meadow Mug set of 4 Flutter, 12-OZ 354.8ML

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Lenox Butterfly Meadow Mug set of 4 Flutter 12-OZ 354.8ML
Measurement - 4.5"wide with handle X 3.5"deep X 4.3"tall  #882795

About Lenox

Founded in 1889, Lenox has set the highest standards for quality, artistry, and beauty in the realm of fine china. With over 130 years of experience, Lenox has evolved to meet the needs of modern-day life while preserving its rich heritage of craftsmanship. Families and friends continue to gather and celebrate using Lenox pieces that are both versatile and timeless.

From the iconic Lenox Butterfly Meadow Collection to their exquisite Lenox Dinnerware, each item reflects the brand's dedication to creating tableware that combines sophistication with enduring charm. Lenox remains a trusted name, capturing hearts with their exquisite creations for generations to come.

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